Annie's Life cover.jpg


by Kristin Mahoney

Illustrated by Rebecca Crane

Knopf Books for Young Readers, May 29, 2018

ISBN: 1524765090


Annie's a shy fifth grader with an incredible memory and a love of making lists. It helps her keep track of things when they can seem a little out of control, like her family, her friends, and her life in a new place.

Annie has:
1. An incredible memory (really, it's almost photographic) that can get her in trouble
2. A desire to overcome her shyness
3. A brother who is mad at her because he thinks she is the reason they had to move to Clover Gap,
population 8,432.
4. A best friend who she is (almost) certain will always be her best friend.
5. New classmates, some of whom are nicer than others.
6. A rocky start finding her place in her new home. 

Annie's Life in Lists introduces a sweet new voice that finds that even amid the chaos of everyday life,
it's important to put things in order.

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